Business Finland: several US entry opportunities!

The 1st opportunity is Nordic AMPlify: Cohort 3 will be launched this fall.  

The results of the first two cohorts have been most successful: 8 companies invited to co-develop at 2 health systems, 1 company funded, 2 companies accepted for pilots, and 1 company opened its US office in Winston-Salem NC. The feedback on the program from the VC, health systems, mentors, and strategic partners has established AMPlify as one of the best US healthcare entry programs.  
  Business Finland will accept 16 companies into Cohort 3. Five health systems are participating, along with 100+ mentors from Winston Starts, 7 VC, and a national network of key opinion leaders and industry experts. In additional to AMPlify, three of the health systems have agreed to open slots based on their unmet needs – a reverse pitch program, which Business Finland is still working on.

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The 2nd opportunity is only for Finnish companies.  

Business Finland has agreed with the Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange that 8 Finnish companies would be accepted into their program. Three slots have been taken. This is a 12-month program that can be attended live, virtual, or hybrid. Accepted companies will have full access to Mayo clinicians, staff, venture group, and others. Accenture and Holland & Knight will also provide mentoring and guidance. This has been announced but there are still openings. Open application now. 

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The 3rd and 4th options are a little more narrowly defined: regenerative medicine, precision medicine, and clinical trials/pilots.  

Business Finland is working with the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine and its test bed, ReMDO. One Finnish company is in pilot and WFIRM and two others are in discussion for clinical trials.  WFIRM is the global leader in this space. Contact Val Kratzman: for an introduction. 

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The next opportunity is the Nordic American Life Science Conference which will go live again December 7-8.   

This year the focus will be on life sciences and digital health.  There are 5-6 slots for more advanced (not start-ups) companies to present to US investors and corporate business development executives.  The event will be live, but Business Finland is exploring the possibilities of video pitching. Contact Val Kratzman: if you are interested. 

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The final opportunity is a work in progress and with a new organization that has taken a unique and very focused approach to integrate research, education, and entrepreneurship.   

They will be announcing their next cohort for healthcare in the fall.  This is also a 12-month program but requires companies to be present.  It is a joint venture between Northeastern University, Maine Health, Northern Light Health, and the state of Maine. Selected companies will be mentored and guided by the two health systems and a mentor network. Each company will be awarded USD 25,000 for living expenses and have full access to Maine’s two health systems, all the US companies involved in the Northeastern University Co-Op program, and numerous mentors and VCs. Only 12 companies will be invited into the program. The focus will be defined this fall based on the health systems key needs. Finland and Maine have an MOU and Business Finland is hoping they can add healthcare to that agenda. More information to follow. Contact Val Kratzman: for more information. 

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Most of these opportunities require applications. All will be based on being able to fulfill unmet market needs. 

But all represent incredible opportunities for companies to enter the US with significant support and access. Val Kratzman will be in Finland August 17-26th and hopes to see many of you at Team Finland Day.