Since 2016, we have supported over 50 life science startups.
The startups below are currently enrolled in the ProHealth Growth Programme

Adamant Health offers better quality of life for people with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. The novel and innovative technology enables accurate analysis of movement disorders in home environment.

Brinter® is the culmination of years of 3D printing expertise and bioresearch. Brinter Oy provides comprehensive 3D bioprinting solutions and services for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic industries, universities, and research facilities. Brinter® Bioprinters are always custom-built for clients’ specific applications and needs.

Harmonic Discovery is a biotechnology company developing a platform that integrates computational biology and chemistry with machine learning to engineer small molecule therapeutics with targeted polypharmacology. We want to challenge the prevailing dogma in drug discovery of designing “magic bullet” drugs optimized for a single target. Our vision is to create a portfolio of rational multi-targeted pipeline drugs that account for and overcome potential resistance mutations.

Inlisol Oy is an AgeTech company, that develops tailored smart health-and-safety services for elderly care. The service is a combination of unobtrusive, non-wearable, smart devices and an intelligent platform that streamlines the work of professional caregivers enabling them to provide a higher quality of care for older adults.

Drug developers aspire to create drugs that home into their target cells without causing toxicity and adverse effects. Polymers are critical enablers of advanced drug delivery systems, but the current polymers have suboptimal characteristics and technical challenges. Jasmine PRO has designed a novel enhanced drug delivery system based on jasmine lactone polymer. The platform will enable drug companies to design and develop safer medicines for various indications such as oncology and immunology.

Pure Luminiscence Technologies develops and manufactures non-toxic and fully recyclable synthetic luminescent material for radiography and dosimetry. The luminescent materials that are currently in use are toxic and almost impossible to recycle. These materials can be replaced with our synthetic hackmanite with minimal additional investments and changes for the end user.

StemSight Oy is developing stem cell based therapies to cure blindness. StemSight uses human pluripotent stem cells as a scalable raw material to produce large amounts of therapeutic cells for a rare corneal blindness called limbal stem cell deficiency. This severe form of corneal blindness affects especially young and working age people, who currently suffer without any valid treatment options. StemSight aims to restore vision permanently in these patients using their proprietary technology.”